Amore Engineering was first established in 1998. The principal engineer and founder of the firm, Glenn Amore , P.E. has been practicing structural engineering since 1983.  Many successful projects have been completed over the years.

The art of Amore Engineering and our purpose is to blend architecture and structural Engineering into a successful project. We sincerely respect the form and functional aspects of an Architect's design.  We take time to understand project design needs and coordinate with the various professional disciplines.  We are knowledgeable of various construction techniques and how this needs to be considered in the development of our plans.

Experience, expertise, understanding and commitment are essential ingredients to a successful project. We first carefully consider the owner’s budget requirements when determining how to design a building.  Experience and expertise are essential to properly develop a proposed framing system or systems that meet the clients needs. We strive to understand the client’s needs and the long-term value of the project.  We are committed to completing our projects in a timely manor and to always be available to answer questions until the project is completed. 

We are experts in the analysis and design of building structures and are noted for our creative solutions.  Our computer equipment, engineering and CAD software we use is “state of the art”.  Effective analysis and solutions are commonly determined by the use 2-D and 3-D modeling as well as finite element analysis.

Despite the wonders of technology, we understand more than anything the importance of “good and effective” personal communication with our client, other consultants, and the contractor on a project.  Without good team communication, all else is in vain.

Each of us is personally committed to excellence and participating as a team player.  We look forward to creating success on your next project.

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